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June 4, 2019 | About Us

An exciting addition…

After being open for over two years, we are taking Picanha a step further and we are really excited to share this transatlantic journey with you.

Here, we will share with you our latest news, wonderful recipes and our love for our roots and traditions, and how these inspire us to do our best every day. We want to open up to our guests and invite you to know our family, who we are and what drives us.

Our salad bar at Picanha

Our salad bar at Picanha

The Story of Picanha

In South America, where we come from, life is all about sharing. We now want to share our passion for our roots and traditions with the whole of the UK via here.

After the success of our sister company Fazenda, with the first being opened in Leeds in 2010, and later ones in Liverpool (2013), Manchester (2014), Edinburgh & Birmingham (2018), we developed this new brand called Picanha by Fazenda, which allowed us to explore smaller cities. So in 2016, we opened our first Picanha in Chester.

Chester as our first home

Picanha gives us the opportunity to reach our guests in smaller cities and suburbs.  We want our guests to feel they are experiencing the Fazenda experience but at their doorstep.

The concept is based on a smaller version of Fazenda, with a selection of 12 cuts of meat and slightly smaller but selective salad bar, always maintaining the same quality level in a trendy and elegant atmosphere.

We found our first home here in Chester and we couldn’t be happier and more proud of it.

Picanha is the cut of meat from which we take our name

Picanha is the cut of meat from which we take our name

The Team

But who makes Picanha happen every day? We are a small team of 29 people in total, including management, floor, bar, kitchen, and grill. This reflects perfectly the fact that we are a small restaurant.

Our team is also cross-trained. This means that instead of having strictly separated departments, everybody has the skills to jump from one section to the other and help whenever is needed. We are a small family that works closely together.

It is fun and a challenge at the same time, of course. We all grow as a team every day and learn from each other. As there are 11 different nationalities in our restaurant, there are very different personalities too!

The way Picanha is organised allows us to provide a closer service for our guests. Since Picanha is a reflection of the values of Chester, we have very loyal regular guests to which we are extremely loyal as well. Our team gets to know our guests and always strive to ensure we’re giving them the best personalised experience.

Do you have any doubts or questions you would like to ask our team? Do not hesitate to reach us via social media on Instagram and Facebook.