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Uruguay, Our Neighbour Country

January 14, 2020 | Places

New Blog Adventures For This New Year

After some meals, a few drinks, and lots celebrating in the past few weeks, we’re all happily going back to routine with new intentions and challenges. On our blog, we have decided to start the year bringing you new places to discover. This way, the first post of 2020 will take you to a little country enclosed by our home nations and of which we’re very fond – Uruguay.

Despite being the second smallest country on the continent, you can find Uruguay in the southeast of South America. It borders both Brazil and Argentina (to the east and west respectively), leaving it open to the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. This location gives this tiny country a mesmerizing coastline with some of the most emblematic beaches of the area.

More Than A Neighbour Country

But Uruguay shares with us a lot more than just the geographical location. We could say that, in many ways, we actually share part of our hearts.

The wild gauchos also roam Uruguay’s enigmatic countryside, keeping the same values, clothing style and traditions. This way, asados are an integral part of the Uruguayan culture, as it is for us too. But not only that, from delicacies such as choripán or beef-filled empanadas to alfajores or churros with dulce de leche, Uruguayan cuisine resembles those of Brazilian and Argentinian origins too.

When it comes to drinks, wine also plays a huge part in the Uruguayan culture. The little country’s great location makes it the fourth largest wine producer in South America. Amongst the different types of grapes, Tannat is the most popular. Merlot, Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon are also other great varieties commonly grown in the country.

Another unique drink that Argentinians have in common with our fellow Uruguayans is mate tea. This beverage is definitely an acquired taste, a love-it-or-hate-it type of drink. Mate is especially popular in the mornings as it is a fully caffeine-loaded infusion. It usually falls on the category of polite drink, so if you’re visiting Uruguay expect to be offered one as soon as you interact with someone.

Montevideo, The Capital City of Uruguay

Nearly half of the population of the entire country lives in Montevideo. This doesn’t come as a surprise once you learn how vibrant, eclectic and modern the capital is, and the rich cultural life that its people lead. The mixture of old historical buildings and new ones is a perfect representation of this. From theatre, music, and arts to tango shows or a lively beach lifestyle, this cosmopolitan city has something for everyone.

Montevideo is the capital city of one of the most progressive countries in South America. They were the first country in the continent to make same-sex civil union legal back in 2008. This actually makes this nation one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world.

Punta del Este

There are many places in Uruguay that we could tell you about, but we can’t finish this blog post without mentioning the dreamy Punta del Este.

Punta del Este is a coastal city full of wonderful beaches. It is often called the Miami, Cannes or St. Tropez of Uruguay because of its resort style and the luxury offer. But that’s not all there is in this amazing seaside town. Actually, you will find all sorts of visitors here, from honeymoon couples to solo backpackers, as the chilled environment of its beaches draws everyone in.

One of the most popular features of the whole area, apart from the beach life, is the famous statue of Los Dedos. This piece of art by Chilean artist Mario Irrazábal was installed in 1982. It represents the presence of man in nature as a giant hand emerges from the sand. Similar sculptures by the same artist can be found in Madrid, the Atacama Desert, and Venice.

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