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Rio Grande do Sul

June 18, 2019 | Places

An intriguing and less known side of Brazil…

Two weeks ago we were proud to announce the launch of our brand-new blog. There, we shared with you a little bit about Picanha’s history on our first post.

Join us on this new entry as we take you on a journey through the breathtaking locations and legendary people of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. We are tracing back on our roots to tell you about this important area that helps define who we are and what it is that we are bringing to Picanha and our guests.


A region with a fascinating culture

Rio Grande do Sul, or ‘Great Southern River’ is the southernmost region of Brazil. It borders with Argentina, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean, and it is this location that provides this interesting region with a unique personality, challenging our preconceived ideas of what Brazil is like.

This region’s atmospheric conditions make these differences shine, as Rio Grande do Sul has a very contrasted climate. Cold winters in the mountain areas can even bring some snow. Summers, on the contrary, are wonderfully warm, making the beautiful coastline a perfect destination within the region.

Another aspect that makes this place unusual, and that it’s an integral part of its rich culture, is the legendary gaúchos.

This southern part of Brazil is actually mostly known for this gaúcho culture. These are this region’s “cowboys” and they are also present in Argentina and Uruguay. Unsurprisingly, they attract the curiosity of both national and international tourists, as their legend has grown in popularity over the course of the centuries.

Gaúchos arrived in Brazil from Europe in the fifteenth century. They settled in the area when they found that its rich lands and fertile soils were perfect for farming. They are characterised by having nomadic and lonely lives, their style and especially by their food culture. A key to this is that they enjoy sharing with others in a communal way.

Amazing Churrascos and top quality wines

Meat cooked churrasco-style, or barbecued, is essential to understand the gaúcho culture. Despite the time that has passed since the original South American countrymen arrived in Brazil, their food culture prevails these days. It has not only extended to the rest of the country but to the rest of the world in the form of restaurants.

But it is not only Churrascos and gaúchos that this land is famous for. As we mentioned before, Rio Grande do Sul’s soils are rich and fertile. With temperatures being milder compared to the rest of Brazil, this region has all the requirements to produce great quality wines, making the country the fifth largest wine producer in the southern hemisphere.

Interesting places in Rio Grande do Sul

If you ever plan a trip to Rio Grande do Sul, make sure you visit Serra Gaúcha. This is a stretch of beautiful green land plenty of rocky cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls. The nearby towns remind us that Germans and Italians were the first to arrive here, as the Swiss looking architecture is made evident in the nearby villages of Gramado and Canela. The passion for winemaking is present especially in Vale dos Vinhedos and Pinto Bandeira.

If you want to taste a little sample of this region, we have some wonderful wine from Serra Gaúcha at Picanha: Miolo Cuvée Giuseppe Cabernet, an exquisite blend of Cabernet and Melot that has notes of cassis, black fruit and vanilla. You can see more of our selection of wines on our online menus.

Would you ever visit Rio Grande do Sul? Have you ever been to this beautiful region? Let us know about your experiences or suggestions in the comments section below, or reach us via Instagram or Facebook!