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Picanha, Our Signature Cut

August 13, 2019 | About Us

Picanha Meat

If you ask any Brazilian what cut of meat is closer to their hearts, you will most likely get the same answer from everyone, and that is, without a doubt, Picanha.

At our restaurant, we are extremely passionate about our origins. We want to bring them to our guests’ tables for the most authentic and real experience. So, after having covered different aspects of who we are in our previous blogs (from our team members to our roots in South America), it is now time to introduce you to Picanha; our signature cut of meat from which we take our name.


Picanha, our signature cut of meat

The History Behind Picanha

The taste of this meat is similar to sirloin. It is tender, lean and juicy, with an outside layer of fat that contributes to retaining all its delicious flavour.

But what is the history behind Picanha and what does this name mean? Apparently, Brazil’s absolute favourite cut of meat is named after the pole that farmers used for herding cattle in the Iberian Peninsula before colonising Brazil.

Farmers branded cows with this tool called ‘picana’, which Portuguese and Spanish migrants introduced in Brazil hundreds of years ago. Over time, the term ‘picanha’ was adopted to refer to the area in which the cattle were marked.

Brazilian Beef Chart. Image by Simples Assim

Brazilian Beef Chart. Image by Simples Assim

Brazilian Churrascos, Origin and History of the Brazilian Barbecue

Also known as rump cap in the UK, Picanha is the best-loved cut of meat in Brazil nowadays. It is usually enjoyed as part of the famous churrascos (barbecues) all around the country.

Churrascos have their origin in the Brazilian gaúchos. They found the soils of Rio Grande do Sul to be rich and fertile, the perfect place to settle. After long days of work, the gaúchos would spend time together grilling meats and enjoying them in the company of friends and family, giving birth to this tradition that continues until today.


A slice of Picanha

Enjoying Picanha with red wine

There’s only one other thing that you need if you want to make the experience of tasting Picanha extra special; a glass of good red wine.

Luckily, we have a carefully curated Wine List with several options to choose from, but we are going to recommend two of them on this occasion.

Catena Paraje Altamira is a fine and smooth Malbec exclusive to Picanha and Fazenda in the UK, and it’s sent to us straight from the wine region of Mendoza in Argentina. As it is medium-bodied, it complements perfectly with this cut of beef. The tannins in the wine balance the fat in the meat perfectly, working as an astringent and cleansing the palate. Likewise, the fat of the meat makes Catena Paraje Altamira even smoother.

The intense sunlight and cold nights of this region make this an elegant Malbec. It’s lightly spiced, with voluptuous texture and intense flavours of cherry, dark fruits, oak, vanilla and cocoa.

Catena Paraje Altamira

Catena Paraje Altamira

Alternatively, if you want to have the full Brazilian and gaúcho experience, we suggest you try Miolo Giuseppe Cuvée from Serra Gaúcha in Rio Grande do Sul.

This is a more full-bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, aged in French oak for one year. It is an aromatic, persistent and very smooth wine. It will definitely add up to the authentic experience that we want our guests to enjoy, complementing the meat with tastes of red fruits, plums and dried fruits.

What do you think about this gorgeous cut of meat? Is it one of your favourites? let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or via our Instagram and Facebook.