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Meet Phill, General Manager at Picanha

July 16, 2019 | About Us

Meeting our Team

So far we have talked about our restaurant, roots, and Brazil’s favourite drink. All of them are important aspects that help define who we are but so are the people who make it all happen. Here on our blog we will introduce you to our team, those who make Picanha possible through hard work and dedication. This time we’ll share more about Phill Breen; our General Manager here at Picanha.

Phill Green, our General Manager here at Picanha

Phill Green, our General Manager here at Picanha


Getting to know Phill, our General Manager

We sat down with Phill to learn more about him and understand who is the person behind the everyday work at Picanha. Phill was born in Sunderland, although his family moved to Cumbria when he was only two. A few years later they moved to Liverpool, where he grew up, making this the place he called home.

Although he studied Forensic Science in Preston, it was around this time when he discovered his passion for hospitality. Like many university students, Phill worked part-time in restaurants and bars in his free time. Interestingly, he found that his personality and skills were perfect for this industry. Because of this, he decided to focus on the job he already had once he finished his studies.

That was just the beginning of a career in hospitality, which would take him from front-of-house positions to back-of-house ones. He worked as a waiter, bartender and even as a chef through different pubs, bars, and restaurants. Summing up, he almost fell in this industry by accident, and now he can’t imagine himself doing anything else.

Why did he join the Picanha team?

But how did Phill end up working at Picanha in Chester? It is quite straightforward, he saw the job offer advertised, did a little bit of research and went for it.

As he is from Liverpool, he visited Fazenda many times and loved it. So when he new Picanha was Fazenda’s sister brand he didn’t hesitate. When we asked him why he was so eager to work with us, he explains he wanted a job that he wanted to do for a long time. The fact that it was a brand with a really strong identity was key to making this decision. He saw the opportunity to become a bit of a brand ambassador and develop his skills to the next level.

Our Salad Bar

Picanha Chester


Phill joined our team in September 2017, and since then he has faced some challenges and grown into the company.

He confesses that the rodizio style of serving was completely new to him and meant a massive learning curve in his career. Likewise, he soon found Picanha was a little family, and that the whole team worked very close to each other. This gave him the chance to develop himself from a manager point of view. He had to not only learn all the South American culture behind the concept of the restaurant but learn to bring the team together with all their different personalities, nationalities and backgrounds.

Favourites & Hobbies

When asked about what he enjoys eating or drinking the most in the restaurant, Phill’s answer is clear: Picanha, our signature cut that gives us our name. He explains that apart from its delicious flavour, he likes the fact that it was almost entirely unknown in the UK before we introduced it. It gives us an opportunity to offer our guests something new and interesting, a whole new experience.

Picanha, our signature cut

Picanha, our signature cut

Outside of work, Phill has a passion for travelling. In the past year alone he visited Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico. This year, he has visited Portugal, France and Brazil, where he got to see and understand to a deeper level the culture of what we do at Picanha. He is also planning a trip to Vietnam later this year. His main motivation to travel so much? He likes to learn about different cultures through their food. It definitely sounds like someone who has hospitality running through his veins.