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Welcoming the New Year in Brazil & Argentina

December 30, 2019 | About Us

New Year’s Eve in our home countries

How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve, Chester? While Christmas celebrations remain strong and share some common aspects across the world, the arrival of the new year is wildly different depending on where you go. On today’s blog post we’re sharing with you how Brazilians and Argentinians welcome the new year. Read on for a bunch of genuinely surprising traditions for those who aren’t familiar with them!

Argentina, Starting the year with the right foot

In Argentina, traditions change from region to region, so it is difficult to generalise when it comes to the whole country. But what it is definitely common is that New Year’s Eve isn’t only about partying with friends. Usually, Argentinians have a (very) late dinner with family or friends, normally starting at around 11 pm. This will only be interrupted at midnight when everyone stops to toast with some champagne and hope for a good year. To ensure this, there is some sort of trick; you have to take your first step with your right foot in order to have a good year! After dinner comes the time to party, and that’s when everyone heads out to celebrate till the early hours of the morning.

Some other traditions include eating Pan Dulce and turrón. In some areas of Argentina, people eat nuts and dried fruits throughout the day, which is a bit funny considering it is summer there. There is also a belief that says eating beans will bring you a successful working year. But if what you want is good luck in love, then forget about food, it’s all about wearing pink underwear!

A huge tradition in the southernmost country of South America is going to see the amazing firework displays. These go on all night until dawn, being absolutely spectacular in the bigger cities. It is also common that families get their own fireworks and set them off everywhere. It is a truly amazing night to spend out with friends in the warmth of the Argentinian summer nights!

Brazil, Saying farewell to the year by the sea

We could say the whole of South America celebrates the start of a new year in a big way. However, and unsurprisingly, Brazilians take celebrations a step further, making them absolutely magical and even mystical in this case.

It’s fair to say that the biggest and most famous tradition of New Year’s Eve in Brazil takes place on the beach. This might not be unique to this country, but we promise it is unlike any other. Before midnight, millions of people head to the beach with bottles of sparkling wine to wait for the new year. As well as amazing firework shows, people toast and then head to the water. Superstitious legends say that for your new year’s wishes to come true, you have to jump seven waves, making seven wishes one at a time. Once done, you must leave the water without turning to look at the ocean. This happens fully clothed as well, which is a big part of the whole celebration.

There is an unwritten rule that says everybody has to do so in white clothes. So not only is the beach crowded with people, they’re wearing white. And it gets trickier! To customise your luck for the new year, you can choose to wear different coloured underwear, as each colour symbolises something different. For instance, white brings calm, pink is for love and red for passion. Also, yellow brings money, green hope, and blue will bring lots of success. Every true Brazilian becomes a master strategist on the last night of the year, for it’s clearly the most important one.

When it comes to food, Brazilians have it clear; poultry is only for Christmas. Eating turkey or chicken on New Year’s Eve will definitely bring you bad luck. So stay away from any winged meat and stick to fish or pork! On this special night, people also eat rice, pomegranate seeds or lentils, as they are believed to bring good luck.

Wishing you a Happy New Year

We wanted to finish the last blog post of the year by wishing you all have a wonderful time, Chester! The last 12 months have been great here at Picanha and the team can’t wait for all the exciting times that are ahead of us in 2020. This is a time of celebration, but also of reflection and new intentions, and we are already looking forward to sharing them all with you.

Have you ever experience this celebration in Brazil or Argentina? Which one of them intrigued you more? Don’t forget to let us know via our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram.