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Meet Sidinei, Our Head of Grill

August 26, 2019 | About Us

Meet Our Team

Some weeks ago, we shared the first of a series of blog posts in which we introduced you to our General Manager here at Picanha. Today, and continuing with these team series, we are introducing you to another member of our family. He is a very important member of our team who has dedicated his entire working life to the Rodizio style of serving, and he has been with us ever since we opened.

Sidinei, our Head of Grill

Sidinei, our Head of Grill

Meet Sidinei Gonçalves, our Head of Grill

Sidinei is originally from Tangará da Serra, in the region of Mato Grosso in central Brazil. There, he spent his life up until he moved to Europe at the age of 21 in April 2001. He made Lisbon, in Portugal, his first home in the old continent, where he started a career working at different churrascarias throughout the years. After working at different locations in Portugal, he was offered an opportunity to work in the first-ever churrascaria in Málaga, in the South of Spain. After a few more years in the southernmost region of the country, he would finally move to Barcelona, where he spent 9 years before deciding to take the big step and move to the UK.

Sidinei, our Head of Grill

Sidinei, our Head of Grill

Life in England

His big motivation to move to England was learning English, something that he had always wanted to do. He confesses that although he has made some good progress, he hasn’t learnt the language as well as he learnt Spanish. Sidinei was encouraged to move here by a friend who was working at Fazenda, our sister brand. Thanks to this friend, he got to talk to Robert Melman, one of our directors, who organised an interview for him with our Executive Chef Francisco Martínez.

Fortunately, he was offered a position in the company’s new project at the time, Picanha, which he took without a doubt. Right before Picanha’s opening in late 2016, Sidinei spent some time training at Fazenda Liverpool, getting ready for this new challenge.

Sidinei’s current position is Head of Grill, although that isn’t where he started. In the course of these last three years, he has worked hard in the kitchen doing the preparation, as well as on the floor as a waiter. He was then promoted twice before becoming the person in charge of the grill, which gained him wide experience across the different departments at Picanha.

Despite how different life is in the UK when you compare it to Brazil’s or Spain’s, he tells us how much he likes living in Chester. The fact that it is a small city that feels familiar, where he can also enjoy the culture and tradition makes his new home the perfect place to be.

Sidiney, our Head Grill Chef

Sidinei, our Head of Grill

Favourites & Hobbies

We asked him what his favourite thing about Picanha is, and he told us that he loves the meat, especially the Picanha cut, which doesn’t come as a surprise coming from a Brazilian person! But he also adds that he particularly likes to work for the company, as he feels well looked after, allowing him to be happy with his job.

Outside of work, however, he confesses he doesn’t have time for hobbies. Sidinei didn’t embark on this adventure on his own. He tells us his time outside of work is dedicated entirely to his wife and three daughters. They make sure they take the children out to the park as often as possible. On their days off, the family also enjoy travelling England, exploring all corners of the country when they can.

Do you have any questions for Sidinei? Who would you like us to interview next? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or via our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.