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La Pampa, Argentina

July 29, 2019 | About Us

La Pampa, Argentina

When mentioning La Pampa, in Argentina, the thought of vast, empty plains quickly comes to mind. But within these plains that extend farther than our eyes can reach, there is a world of unimaginable wonders.

Today, we are taking you there, a still quite unknown but incredibly fascinating land in central Argentina.

La Pampa is all about simple pleasures; a place to feel free and wind down under skies that expand forever into the horizon. It’s being welcomed by the warmth of the estancias (farms), and it’s the gaúchos and its culture, riding their horses into infinite red sunsets.

Santa Rosa, the Capital City

The province of La Pampa is untamed and wild, and for this reason, it isn’t packed with tourist attractions. Still, the capital city of the region, Santa Rosa, has a wide range of cultural offers for those visitors that might want to stop and enjoy a little bit of civilization.

Some of these attractions feature the monument to San Martin, the Art Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

The Gaucho Heritage

Although we spoke more in-depth about the gauchos and its culture in one of our previous blog posts, La Pampa is widely known for these legendary South American “cowboys”. The gauchos are also originally from this part of the world, where their culture still remains.

And it is precisely here where the traditions of the gauchos inspired poems and tales, creating the unique genre Gaucho Literature in the 19th and 20th centuries. These poems evoke images of the solitary and nomadic lives that they still lead, in which the contact with nature and life in the country are the main characters.

Nowadays, gauchos can be found working herding cattle in estancias (farms). Here, they also welcome visitors that want to have a real gaucho experience, whether this is helping with the animals, or simply enjoying delicious asados and the laid-back way of life. Staying over at an estancia is a must-try, unforgettable experience.

Argentina’s Best Beef

And speaking of asados (Argentina’s barbecues), we couldn’t talk about La Pampa without mentioning its world-renowned beef. These plains are home to fertile and rich soils, making them the perfect terrain not only to cultivate wheat and corn but also to grow healthy cattle.

Lihué Calel National Park

The Lihué Calel National Park is an extensive area in La Pampa region. Apart from enjoying the incredible wildlife of this national park, visitors can also visit traces of prehistoric inhabitants. Here, they painted in the caves leaving archaeological evidence of their presence in this area.

Interestingly, and a long time after that, Lihué Calel was home to another civilisation too: the Araucanian Indians. They found this area to be perfect to re-supply, and also as a space to herd cattle. Sadly, they abandoned Lihué Calel eventually, leaving these lands to the extraordinary wildlife that inhabits them today.

La Pampa is not only a beautiful land full of myth, tradition, and beauty. It’s Argentina’s living past, and it is part of who we are at our core here at Picanha.

Have you been to La Pampa before? Would you consider taking a trip there? We would love to hear your thoughts in our comments section below. Alternatively, you can reach us via social on Instagram and Facebook.