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Jericoacoara, Brazil

September 9, 2019 | Places

A hidden paradise on Earth

As we refuse to accept that summer is coming to an end, we hold on to the sunny season by taking you on a journey to what can only be described as paradise on Earth: Jericoacoara.

On this week’s post, we are going back to South America, showcasing one of the most stunning places not only in Brazil but in the whole world. Jericoacoara is a secluded fishing village that only fellow Brazilians knew about until it was made famous by the ‘Washington Post Magazine’ when in 1987 they named it one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. We confess we are not surprised about this!

Getting to Jericoacoara

Sand Dunes, Jericoacoara (Image by Kevin's Travel Blog)

Sand Dunes, Jericoacoara (Image by Kevin’s Travel Blog)

This hidden gem is found in the state of Ceará, northeast Brazil, 300km west of Fortaleza. But of course, this place wouldn’t be so special if it could be accessed easily. The journey to get there is an adventure on its own, and although there are different ways to do this, there isn’t a straightforward one (unless you are willing to pay for a helicopter to take you there).

Any other form of transport will only take you to the city of Jijoca, 23km away from the beach town. From this point on, only an hour wheel-drive vehicle will be able to take you there through sand-dunes, as the road is interrupted near the National Park of Jericoacoara, where this magical place is found.

A magical place

Lagoa Azul, Jericoacoara (Image by heneedsfood)

Lagoa Azul, Jericoacoara (Image by heneedsfood)

Jericoacoara’s charm thrives in a combination of colourful sand-paved streets, beaches, dunes, delicious food, and a very laid back lifestyle. Although electricity arrived in the village some years ago and you will be able to find WiFi easily, there is a law that forbids street illumination at night-time. It is the local businesses’ own lights the only ones you’ll find illuminating the streets. They create a very special atmosphere that will surely make you want to have an evening wander around, enjoying food from one of the many traditional restaurants and drinking cocktails until late.

In a place where it is always summer, clear warm and blue waters, white sand and tall palm trees make the perfect scenario to disconnect from the hectic, noisy and stressful city lifestyles that we all seem to lead these days. The slow life of the locals here will be contagious and will help us reconnect with a more human side of ourselves, reminding us that life is all about the little things and simple pleasures.

Unique sunsets

Sand Dune in Jericoacoara (Image by heneedsfood)

Sand Dune in Jericoacoara (Image by heneedsfood)

But if the vision we have pictured for you isn’t enough yet, let us tell you something: Jericoacoara’s sunsets are simply gorgeous and unique. In fact, Jericoacoara is one of the few places where you have a good chance to see a Green Sunset, a very rare phenomenon in which for just a second the sun turns bright green before hiding completely behind the horizon.

We couldn’t find one filmed at Jericoacoara but here’s an example of a perfect Green Sunset captured by Juan Guerra in San Diego, California.

Tourists and locals alike climb the Duna do Pôr do Sol (literally, Sunset Dune) every evening to see the sun setting behind the sea waters of Jericoacoara. You will even find a drink trolley at the top, selling Caipirinhas to the visitors, who will sit on the sand to watch this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

A versatile destination

Streets of Jericoacaora at night (Image by Backpacking with Chad)

Streets of Jericoacaora at night (Image by Backpacking with Chad)

As a place that it is slowly growing in popularity despite the difficulties to get there, the village also offers plenty of activity for the tourists who want to stay active during their holiday. From tour around the National Park to kitesurf and windsurf, Jericoacoara has something for everybody.

Have you been there? Is it on your bucket list? Let us know what you think in the comments below or via our Instagram and Facebook.