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Guaraná Sour Cocktail

January 27, 2020 | About Us

For most, January feels like twice its length. To top it up, most of us tend to set challenging resolutions that end up in a small abyss before the end of the month, despite our good intentions. This is why we are trying to bring a bit of fresh air in the form of a non-alcoholic cocktail, Guaraná Sour. With this delicious concoction, we want to provide a moment of enjoyment without breaking any of your new year resolutions, Chester!

Our non-alcoholic cocktail, Guaraná Sour

Our non-alcoholic cocktail, Guaraná Sour

Guaraná, an Exotic Brazilian Fruit

Guaraná grows in a rainforest vine that originates in the Amazon forest. Still today it isn’t very clear what indigenous group domesticated this plant first, but we know it was in the Brazilian Amazon, and that it has been used for its curative and energetic properties. Over time, guaraná became a way to treat migraines and high fever. It also worked as a stimulant and even helped to diminish digestive problems.

But where’s the key to this magic plant? The answer is caffeine. Guaraná seeds contain more caffeine than any other plant in the world, and four times as much as coffee beans (!). This factor is what makes it the main ingredient in all of the energy drinks in the market, and has earned the fame of being a potent aphrodisiac.

All throughout history, there are records of this magic ingredient being used to increase performance. Knowing this, it was only a matter of time until it became an international phenomenon.

Our Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Here at Picanha, we couldn’t go without our own guaraná drink, which can be found in our Drinks Menu.

A few months back, we created this fantastic non-alcoholic cocktail using Guaraná Antarctica. This is a carbonated and caffeinated soda drink. It tastes similar to apple and berries and has a characteristic caramel colour.

Keep reading to learn how to make this unique drink!

Guaraná Antarctica topping our cocktail

Guaraná Antarctica topping our cocktail



2 Blackberries
25ml Lemon Juice
25ml Sugar Syrup
Guaraná Antarctica


This is a reasonably easy to prepare cocktail. Simply muddle your blackberries, and add them to a glass with the lemon juice and the sugar syrup. Then, proceed to add crushed ice and stir well to get all the ingredients to combine. To finish it off, top the glass with guaraná soda and add a bit more glass.

You can place a blackberry as garnish on the top of the glass for an extra touch.

Our non-alcoholic cocktail, Guaraná Sour

Our non-alcoholic cocktail, Guaraná Sour

Will you be trying this tasty cocktail this winter, Chester? Let us know what you think via our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.