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The Emerald Green Costa Verde in Brazil

March 10, 2020 | About Us

A Dreamy Brazilian Green Coast

If there is something we like here at Picanha apart from food, it is definitely daydreaming about our roots, Chester! Back in Brazil, there is a magical paradise where, in those days when our winter blues really kick in, we like to mentally go back. This wonderful place is Costa Verde. It literally translates as ‘Green Coast’, and we couldn’t have found a better name for it. It is located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and its aquamarine blue waters are backed by tall, jungled emerald green mountains.

With more than 50 beaches and 365 islands, it seems impossible to decide where to start when planning a trip there. This is why today we are sharing with you some of our favourite spots that would definitely become the highlights of a trip there if you ever decided to give this adventure a go… Are you ready for the journey?

Ilha Grande

The most impressive and remarkable destination within this marvellous coast is, without a doubt, Ilha Grande (or Big Island in English). Its pristine beaches and lush vegetation draw a picture so perfect that it seems hard to believe this isn’t actual paradise.

Although Ilha Grande has a lovely little fishing town called Vila do Abraão, the island is fortunately intact. This means you can spend your days there exploring the jungle tracks, hiking up astounding mountains or snorkeling its clear waters. When the sun comes down, the town wakes up, and it is at night when you’ll have the chance to socialise with the residents and enjoy this very laid back lifestyle as you indulge in delicious local food and traditions.

If you are more into nature activities, going for the classic Pico de Papagaio hike seems imperative when visiting Ilha Grande. This 985m high mountain offers an incredibly rewarding challenge. It is the most difficult hike on the whole island. The abundant vegetation of the rainforest won’t let you see the sky and the steep and ever-changing terrain doesn’t make the ascend any easier. However, when you get to the top, the effort is instantly paid off with a nearly full panoramic view of the whole island and beyond, with the possibility of even seeing the emblematic Rio de Janeiro on a clear day.


Recognised as a National Historic Site since 1966, Paraty is a must-see destination within Costa Verde. As well as Ilha Grande, this lovely town is surrounded by wild mountains and a beautiful sea line but, unlike the former, Paraty is a town full of cobblestone streets and colourful colonial buildings with a Mediterranean air.

Moving around in the centre of this coastal town is another real challenge. You won’t be able to spot a car here, they aren’t allowed! However, this isn’t a problem as you will find horse-drawn carts to be your favourite way of transport and the perfect way to admire the architecture of Portuguese influence while you learn about Paraty’s intriguing history.

From here you will also be able to enrol in different outdoor activities. From trekking into the rainforest to see the spectacular waterfalls to sailing to castaway Islands, this humble place has a way of steaing every visitor’s heart.

Would you like to visit Costa Verde, Chester? Have you already been to this magical place? Let us know via our social media channels Instagram and Facebook.