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July 2, 2019 | Food

We are back with another blog post and, on this occasion, we’re talking about Brazil’s national drink: Caipirinha.

As we long for warmer summer days to last, we imagine ourselves sitting on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro drinking this emblematic concoction which doesn’t need much of an introduction. It would only be fair to say that Caipirinha is a synonym for Brazil.

Made with Cachaça, this cocktail is summer in a glass. We believe it finds the perfect and refreshing balance between sweetness and acidity.

But first things first, what is Cachaça?

We could say cachaça is a different variety of rum. It is made from fermented sugar cane juice while rum is made from molasses. And unlike rum, which can be produced anywhere in the world, cachaça can only be produced in Brazil.

Cachaça can be found in two varieties: ‘Prata’, meaning silver in Portuguese, or ‘Ouro’ meaning gold.

In this case, ‘Prata’ is the cheaper and unaged type of cachaça. It is often mixed in drinks and the one you will be served more often than not if you don’t specify what type of cachaça you want when you’re out in Brazil.

‘Ouro’, on the contrary, is cachaça that has been aged up to three years in aromatic woods. This makes it more expensive, as it is considered premium. You can also sip this one straight.

Origin of Caipirinha

There are many versions of the origin of Caipirinha. However, the one that seems to have stayed goes back to medicinal origins.

Apparently, in the first half of the XX century, a mix of green lemon (native to Brazil), honey, garlic and cachaça was perfect to fights colds and cough. It was widely used to treat the Spanish Flu too.

Caipirinha at Picanha

Caipirinha at Picanha

Back in the day, people used to add alcohol to medicines to accelerate their effects. Eventually, sugar and ice replaced honey and garlic, making it the perfect coping drink for the Brazilian heat.

How to make Caipirinha

Luckily, Caipirinhas are not difficult to make. The success of this ancient drink relies on how well the ingredients complement each other rather than on the complexity of the drink. For this reason, we would like to share our recipe with you.


Add 5/6 wedges of lime to a glass

Add 2 teaspoons of sugar

Add 50ml of cachaça

Shake with cubed ice

Pour back into a glass and top with crushed ice and add a wedge of lime as a garnish, and there you have an authentic Caipirinha!

It is such a popular drink that you can find all sorts of variations. For example, made with vodka it becomes a Caipiroska. Likewise, you get a Caipirissima when you make it with rum. You can also swap the lime for a different type of fruit and make, for example, a strawberry Caipirinha.

Are you a big fan of Caipirinhas? Will you be giving this recipe a try at home? If you do, don’t hesitate to share it with us via Instagram or Facebook, or just in the comments section below. You can also have a look at our Drinks Menu to see our full selection of drinks.